God is a Finely-Honed Lover

Now they have come to know that everything You have given Me is from You;

John 17:7

God is a finely-honed lover. There are no gaps, missing pieces, inadequacies, shortcomings, defects or faults. He is the perfect lover because He is perfect. He is not built for one relationship but is the perfect One for all relationships. There is no ‘one relationship fits all’ mentality with Him. He made each of us unique so that each relationship He has will be different. The more we fall in love with Him, the more distinctive we become. Not because it is in us, but it is His working through us. 

What we call ‘self’ in our broken world is nothing more than an odd collection of hyped lusts, fears, jealousy, suspicions and frustrations gathered from our ancestors and family with some education and artificial sweeteners thrown in. There is very little of self-left for we are of little resemblance to God. The more you try to become your ‘self’ in our broken world, the more you become like every other arrogant little dust being that lives off of its own very limited lusts. 

We must get over ourselves if we are ever to discover God as He longs to reveal Himself. The more you abandon yourself to Him, the more you focus on Him, the more you make Him the center of your life, the more ‘you’, you will become. Your real self is found in Him, as He is the source of all unique life. There is no ‘self’ outside of God.  Hell will be a place where people try and live but have no ‘self’ to live from. It will be hell because we were not made that way. 

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