Grace and Truth

For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.

John 1:17

Jesus is the full measure of grace and truth. He is the doorway where two realities meet for the first time in our broken world. 

The law was a gift given to strip away our illusions, deception and deceit. It had no life in it for rebels, but it helped us answer the first question God asked humanity, “Where are you?”

This question is the hardest question for humanity to answer because of our rebellion. It took thousands of years to give us perspective in order to answer the question as a civilization. 

The question for humanity has been answered, as a race we prefer violence, arrogance and deception. Strangely, the question can be understood at a global level, but can only truly be answered at an individual level. 

Almost without exception most people will say ‘we’ (humanity) are in trouble, but I am basically good and that blindness stays with them their whole disillusioned life. 

Grace and truth are only realized to those who see beneath their own blindness, who look under their outward conformity to the law through the fear of man and acknowledge where their heart truly is. Then and only then can they see the person of Jesus for who He truly is, full of grace and truth, offering a long-lost relationship with the Father that we don’t deserve. 

There is no grace or truth outside of Jesus. He is the living demonstration of life, the living revelation of truth, it is not a way He points to, but a revelation of who He is.

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