Before I formed you in the womb I knew you

Jeremiah 1:5

Sin isolates, cut’s us off and gives us a profound awareness that we are out of sync with reality. It whispers to us that no one ‘understands’ us and the fruit of this is that we are alone. Not in the physical sense, for that is easy to fix, but that our heart us unknown by any other being in the universe and that goes against the very essence of our sense of order in the universe. We want, no, we long to be known, fully and completely known. 

Hope is born the moment we realize that we are not alone. It may be a dog that wags its tail each time it sees us. It may be a friend who in brief moments ‘gets us’ or a loved one who walks through the valley of death with us. There are a thousand ways God is trying to get our attention, to wake us from the ‘fever’ of sin that ravages our mind and heart and leaves us aware that ‘we are’ and no truly gets us. 

Don’t confuse the messenger with the message. In each and every circumstance it is God at work to get your attention. He longs for you to know at the core of your being that He ‘gets you’. He knows you in your limitations, brokenness and your gifting. 

God knows you, HE loves you, every detail of your life is recorded and held by Him. You are the apple of His eye, the Bride to His Son, your name is inscribed on His hand and you cannot count the number of thoughts He has for you of good and not of evil. 

The question really is, are you willing to know yourself at the depth He knows you? The real problem is not that we are alone, but that we fear being alone because we dread vulnerability.

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